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I stepped out
with my Shaolin shoes
and Karate legs.

I wore the Ninja helmet
the Kung fu jacket
and began the cycle ride.

Like a social scientist
or a mid-career psychologist
I sniffed the demos.

The weather was wintery
with pregnant clouds
of dark and blue shades.

One fellow with Mark Twain hair
waived his hand
the other one beside him
was like the insect
of Kafka’s Metamorphosis
with a mask.

I wanted some sea-breeze
that’s all
I ain’t a health nut
to come out this early.

On the park bench
sat a productive man
reading George Orwell
like he has rented…

As told by Father

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You see son
if you ask me
how my life was
all I have is
a daily routine to give you
yes, just a daily routine

of course, I had a job
I was given a purpose by my boss
but I just killed time, came home
killed time here too

I told myself I was lost
in the busyness of life
But it was me
who created that busyness

It is as if
I curtained my life
and didn’t let
life enter into my busyness

Best employee
Best manager
Best CEO
I went ahead
but it feels
like a king of the lost kingdom




Poet and sharing a few other things

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